Snapshot Dependency issue in TC 6.5


We have builds A,B,C triggering build D.
Build D has a snapshot dependency to E.

Assuming D is triggered by B. Then  because of the dependency E will start running first and D will wait  till E is finished. When E build has run, D starts to run.
Assuming  that while D is running, build D is triggered again (by A for example).  So what happens now is that we have a queue build for D and E starts to  run again. This is causing us problems. We do not want that, we want E  to have a 'logic' to check if build D is running and if yes to wait for D  to finish. Is this a TC bug or is there a way to solve this problem  that I am not aware?


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Yes, this is intended behavior - the build E was triggered by two different events, so it's executed twice. There is Do not run new build if there is a suitable one option that can help you avoid unnecessary builds.

Please look at Build Dependencies Setup article, it provides good examples of similar scenarios.
If the article does not cover all questions, please explain us more about your build configurations - do they perform compilation, testing or deployment tasks?



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