Build Reports show passing tests?


I'm a relatively new teamcity user, coming from other CI software. I greatly appreaciate the attention to detail and robustness of TC, and now consider myself a full convert. Many thanks. Editing the build report is something that was never easy with CI alternatives, but was a core part of the setup process, nearly required to produce reasonable CI output. I greatly appreciate that I do not have to do this with TC, and that instead the build report is auotmatically configured with reasonable options and an attractive display. However, this is a double edged sword; if you actually want to edit the build report, I'm unsure how this is done.

I'm working on a rather large project with lots of tests distributed across many different assemblies. I'm trying to bring some order to the mess of code, and having TC running has been instrumental in that process. However, I find it difficult to get a complete picture, because passing tests are not reported, other than the count that passed. This configuration has two limitations for our requirements:

  1. Some tests produce output we'd like to see even when passing, such as timing metrics.
  2. I'd like to guarantee which tests are running and passing, rather than it simply being missed in our TC setup.

Is there an option to show test output for all tests, including those that passed in the build overview?
Is there a more general approach to editing the build report, besides adding custom 'tabs' to the report?

Project details

  • Source is C#  .NET 4.0
  • Build via MSBuild
  • Test via <NUnit> and conditional <UsingTask> in build script
  • Test and build are separate configurations linked with a Snapshot Dependency

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