Command-line client - No configurations ?


After following the instructions for installing the command-line client I attempted to use the creation tool. Alas, the "select build configuration" is empty. Adventurous as I am, I created the file by hand, putting a single line (.=svn:svn://<my server>/<my repo>/trunk/, does this look right?) in it and tried a build. The result (see below) was not completely disappointing (mapping file found and parsed successfully, local file mapped, patch created) but no configuration was found. Which seems consistent with the other problem.

Oh, sorry for obfuscating the output below. I'm not paranoïd but I don't know if my organization allows me to post that kind of info so this is the easiest way to proceed.

[Mapping local files to TeamCity] started
TCWorkspace: found mapping for C:\xxxx\xxx in C:\xxxxxx\
[Mapping local files to TeamCity] 1 of 1 file(s) have been mapped
[Mapping local files to TeamCity] done
[Preparing patch] started
RemoteRun: + svn:svn://xxxxxxx/yyyyy.cs
[Preparing patch] 1 new/modified file(s)
[Preparing patch] done
RemoteRun: Patch C:\xxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\W2JwMpRyhSN7IowCTtxFNg==.patch filled with 1678 bytes
[Collecting configurations for running] started
RemoteRun: All applicable configurations: []
RemoteRun: Requested configurations for running: [bt666]
RemoteRun: Use configurations for running: []
[Collecting configurations for running] run: error
CommandRunner: No one of [bt666] configurations affected by collected changes
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No one of [bt666] configurations affected by collected changes
        at com.jetbrains.teamcity.command.RemoteRun.execute(
        at com.jetbrains.teamcity.command.CommandRunner.main(
Invalid parameter(s): No one of [bt666] configurations affected by collected changes

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Hello Jean-Louis

Which version of TeamCity server do you use, and which version of remote run plugin?
Note that the plugin needs to be manually updated after each server upgrade.


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