Doxygen integration

Is there any possibility (plug-in?) to use doxygen in teamcity? As for now I use it as command line step, which is ok, but there is some incovenience, like, I cant use TC parameters for input/output paths. Ability to configure doxygen from TC would be lovely addition too.


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We don't have a dedicated plugin dor Doxygen, but TeamCity provides many possibilities for customization.
Typed parameters can help you with configuration. And resulted reports can be imported right into TeamCity UI.

What problems with build parameters do you have specifically?

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the problem that doxygen does not accept command line parameters (not any useful I'm aware of) so I cant set output folder for doxygen since it takes it from the configuration file. well, I guess I can write utility which parses the config file and sets the output folder according to build parameters but, you know, I was wondering if there is more convenient method... again, I can live with that using something like "hardcoded" folder which will be fine for any building agent, like "c:\documentation" but is is somewhat not too elegant :)


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