Problem with quote strings in Maven build runner

I'm trying to run maven-release-plugin from the Maven build runner.  I'm having a problem supplying an additional command-line argument -scmCommentPrefix="ABCD-0000 " - when TeamCity runs this, it surrounds the whole argument in quotes like this:

"-scmCommentPrefix="ABCD-0000 ""

which causes the command to fail.  Why does TeamCity add the extra quotes?  If I supply just -scmCommentPrefix=ABCD-0000, TeamCity doesn't add any quotes at all.  Is there a way around this?  The point is that I'm trying to pass in a TeamCity variable with a space on the end as the argment - this adds a prefix to all checkin comments created by the maven-release-plugin.

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Sorry for the delay,

Seems like you are facing this issue: please, watch/vote for it.

As a workaround, could you please try suggested workaround  - pass scmCommentPrefix as System property. To do so, please use "Build Parameters" configuration step and add new parameter with "Kind" "System property", so that resulting name is


and value "ABCD-000 "


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