MSBuild runner: can set PLATFORM from web page but cannot set CONFIGURATION?

From the Build Step web page I create a new step and set the runner type to MSBuild.

I can set the Run Platform (x86 or x64), however there is no place where I can set the Run configuration (Release, Debug, etc..).

Is this hidden somewhere else?

I know I can use a Visual Studio Solution runner but that is not an option.
I know I can add a build parameter named correctly but I would prefer this option to be visible on the build step.

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You can specify this in  Command line parrameters setting as /p:Configuration=Release
Or as additional system property on Build parameters tab system.Configuration=Release

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That's what I was trying to avoid in the first place. I think it would be logical and more practical to have an entry on the build step page for the RUN CONFIGURATION much like the RUN PLATFORM.

This way, users don't have to remember how to build the parameters for the command line or, worse, define a system property at some place away from the build step. You already have the run platform which is one of the needed parameter for MSBuild, I don't see why the run configuration is not there. Beside, if you look at the visual studio solution build step you'll see that both of these are available directly on the page.

At the end of the day it's all about efficiency and consistency.

Here's a picture showing what I mean:
TeamCity Example.png

On a side note, maybe we should have text field with property selection (like from the visual studio build step setting for build platform and build configuration) instead of combo boxes as it is possible we want to use something else besides x86 or x64 for the run platform (same thing for the run configuration where we may want to use other values besides Release or debug).

If you don't have the time to implement such changes, is it possible for us to modify the build step layout/config using some kind of plugin?
Can we create our own build step types and add that to the TeamCity system?

Thank you.


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