ProgramFiles and PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE values on Win64 boxes

Hi all,

I noticed a strange set up on all our TeamCity agents running on 64-bit windows (Win 7).

The "Environment Variabless" tab of the agents show the following values:

ProgramFiles  C:\Program Files (x86)
ProgramFiles(x86)  C:\Program Files (x86)
ProgramW6432  C:\Program Files

This seems in contradiction to what I see when I log on to that box and run a command line there.

From within a 64-bit process, the values are PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE="AMD64", ProgramFiles="C:\Program Files"

From within a 32-bit process, the values are PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE="x86", ProgramFiles="C:\Program Files (x86)"

What TC displays seems thus like a combination of these, which looks like 64-bit (AMD64) but actually points to 32-bit program files ("C:\Program Files (x86)").

Am I right in this? If so, is that a feature (why then?) or a bug?



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