Remotely Distributed Builds

We have remote offices (say main office in Europe and a remote office in the USA).  As part of a build we need to deploy components to both locations.  Network connectivity between the sites can be just flaky enough to cause the remote deployments to fail/hang occationaly.

I'd like to trigger a single build that will then in turn force part of the build process to be processed by a build agent at the local site and a seperate part of the build to be processed by a build agent at the remote site.  This way agents at each site can build and deploy locally the components they need without requiring copying massive amounts of files between the sites as part of the deployment, but we hopefully still have a single "pane of glass" to trigger and view the entire build process.

The alternative would be to have two completely seperate build servers at each location doing thier own jobs, but having a centralized build server with a single build to trigger seems much cleaner and more managable to me.

Can TeamCity accomplish the above?  Any steps on the setup?  I'm brand new to TeamCity and cannot figure out how to configure something like the above.



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Hello Tony,

  In TeamCity, your can organize your build as a chain of  build steps. Each build step can be targeted to a specific build agent (or to a class of build agents).
  You can also pass some files between build steps, if needed, even if they run on different build agents.

  All of the above is configured from a single Web-server.

  Hope this answers your question,


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I have started to use the Teamcity recently.  The above mentioned query is equavalent to my requirement. I have a build configuration which consists of multiple build steps.  Also I have few build agents. I would like to assign the certain build steps to each build agent.

What are the steps I need to follow? Please explain breiefly.




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