NAnt runner changes project files to be csproj.teamcity, breaks other projects

We're running TeamCity 6.5.6. We've got a set of .NET 4.0 projects that we build with an NAnt build script. In TeamCity we're using the NAnt runner. The build is breaking for us because TeamCity is appending ".teamcity" to the file names of our *.csproj files.

We have some post build events that copy DLLs to folders based on the project name. Then other projects reference those DLLs in the expected folder. But because TeamCity is adding the ".teamcity" to our project files, the folder names are different.

I read on that you can set the teamcity.msbuild.generateWrappingScript configuration paramater to false to stop TeamCity from wrapping MSBuild tasks. I tried doing that by adding a configuration build paramater for the TeamCity project we're having the problem with, but it didn't fix it. Is there somewhere else that I should be setting that parameter or something? Thanks.

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