Avoid pulling all binaries with every build

We are using Git and GitHub and have some nuget packages included in the project.  Currently these packages are checked in to the repository, but this is causing the checkout times to be very long from git (agent checkouts as we want to run a git push after the successful build).  Is it possible to have these packages downloaded as part of the build and have them cached on the server the agent is running on so that they don't need to be pulled from the repository every time?

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Hi Simon

TeamCity provides complete NuGet support, and can dynamically install required packages within a build.
But speed improvement is possible only when you stop checking NuGet pachages into git repository.

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Thanks Micheal,

If we use this feature on the agent will the NuGet binaries be cached on the server so they will not be downloaded everytime?

if we remove the NuGet binaries from the repository how will developers get the binaries needed for the project if another developer has added a new dependency?  Is there a standard procedure for this?


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