access to mouse pointer while building using teamcity

I am using teamcity for continuous builds. I have a bunch of UI tests written in jubula ( which is a ui testing framework for eclipse.
jubula relies on using the mouse pointer for executing tests. the build with the tests executes fine when executed from a command prompt. However, when running the same build+tests using  teamcity, jubula throws an error saying it is unable to locate the mouse pointer:
2012-09-25 10:32:05.628 [Connection.ReaderThread:Socket[,port=49891,localport=49899]] WARN  o.e.j.rc.swt.driver.RobotSwtImpl - Current and end points not equal after mouse move. Waiting 1 second to see if a delay fixes the problem.
2012-09-25 10:32:06.653 [Connection.ReaderThread:Socket[,port=49891,localport=49899]] WARN  o.e.j.rc.swt.driver.RobotSwtImpl - Delay did not fix the problem. Trying to call mouse move one more time with an additional wait afterward.
2012-09-25 10:32:08.653 [Connection.ReaderThread:Socket[,port=49891,localport=49899]] ERROR o.e.j.rc.swt.driver.RobotSwtImpl - Current and end points not equal after mouse move. The mouse pointer could not be correctly moved.
2012-09-25 10:32:10.866 [Connection.ReaderThread:Socket[,port=49891,localport=49899]] ERROR o.e.j.rc.swt.driver.RobotSwtImpl - Robot exception occurred while clicking...
Component: CTabFolder {}
Bounds: Rectangle {12, 54, 1000, 676}
Mouse position: Point {0, 0}

My question is: is there a setting somewhere i can use to start teamcity with to enable access to the mouse pointer?
Thanks- Any help greatly appreciated.

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You need to start a build agent interactivelly within user session.
use agent.bat/ script for that.

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Hi Michael,
Thanks for the suggestion- got it to work.


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