How should I tell NuGet Installer to use both and the TeamCity provided packages source?

I'm having trouble with my NuGet Installer build step.

We're using both official packages and our own packages hosted on the TeamCity NuGet server. If I leave Packages Sources blank, then packages from are found, but as soon as I specify %teamcity.nuget.feed.server% as the package source, then packages from are not found.

I tried setting Packages Sources to include both, but it still isn't working for official packages.


Is that not the right URL for the package source? How do I tell it to use both sources?

It would be nice to just have a checkbox on that form for using the package source and then reserve the text box for other package sources.


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Apparently the NuGet Installer build step is not even needed. I edited the .nuget/NuGet.targets file to include both paths and removed the NuGet Installer build step and it works now.

When originally setting up TeamCity for this solution, it didn't work without the NuGet Installer step, so I don't know what else I've done differently to make this work, but maybe the NuGet.targets file was the key all along.


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