How to get notified about branch deletion

We are using a workflow where devs push to a fork of our main github repository, and build agents build changes pushed to the forks and if the builds are successful, the build agents push the devs changes to the main github repository.  Devs have no write access to the main repository.

After some teething problems we have finally got this working, but we are also using the new feature branches feature.  We seem to have a problem in that when a dev deletes a feature branch, they can push that delete to the fork which will delete it there, but this doesn't seem to trigger a the build agent to build (as what do you build if the branch has been deleted?) so how can we get the deletion of the branch to flow from the fork back into the main repository, so that it can be deleted from there?  Is there some other event we can hook into to get the branch that has been deleted and push the deletion to the main repo?

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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