How to select branch for ClearCase

Hi there,
Does anyone know how can I specify a branch for a VCS root with ClearCase? I tried to do it in VCS root setting page, in "Branches" I select "use custom" and proivde the branch type like \main\xxxxxxx_branch_name, is that the correct way to do? how can I verify this change?

Extended question is:
1) I have different branches for multiple different component in a single VOB, so how can I specify my expeted branches for different component?
2) Is it possible to specify the label for the code? what if I want to buid the code in branch with a previous version but not the LATEST?

I am using automatically server-side checkout mode, and seems there are quite a lot of strange issues with agent-side check out, so anyway that I can do the above things on TeamCity Server?

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Haven't there been anyone who got this requirement? I think it makes quite reasonable to build from branch instead of trunk always. however, my ClearCase VCS root doesn't seems to work to checkout the branch source code...


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