Does TeamCity and Vault work well together?

We are discussion to start using TeamCity for about 60 developers, that are working on a number of different project types (SW companny 25 years old).

We are using SourceGear Vault, and I was happy to see that JetBrains supply an integration to Vault!

But I also read about the limitations:
>Only server-side checkout is supported. Personal builds (remote run and pre-tested commit) are not yet supported in any of the IDE.

And read about slow checkouts:

And an open issue about hanging Teamcity server, when using Vault:

Does anybody have good experience with Vault integration for many large projects?

Or should we not go along this path?


Leo Schou-Jensen, CTO, PDC.DK

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Nobody using TeamCity and SourceGearVault together?


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