Beginner Question: Build dependencies

Hi all

I configured two Project's to be checked out from svn and run a build.
The Visual Studio Solutions are linked.

Solution B, Project X needs the Builded Assemblies from Solution A, Project Y...
For Local Development a 'Lib' Folder is used to hold the Build Output.

How can I copy the from a Solution Build to a given Directory ?

Looking at the Documentation Exampl:


didn't help me much :-(
What is the Root '*' Folder in my Project ?

Any help is welcome

Kind Regards

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There are two parts to this:

First you need to define what the build artifacts of your build are, and where they should be stored in your TeamCity's artifact store. That's done in the "artifact paths" on the first page of your build configuration.

You might use something like: Lib/** => Lib/ - the root is the top of the checked out source tree on the left, and the space reserved in TeamCity's artifact store on the right.

The second part is the artifact dependency, where you can pull in the artifacts built in a different build. That's in Part 6, "Dependencies" on your build configuration. When you add an artifact dependency, you also specify where in your source tree checkout those will be copied.

Again, you can use the same construct: Lib/** => Lib/, or you might use something like Lib/** => ImportedLib/ - it's all up to you and how you set up your builds. In this case the root is the top of the artifact store for the build on the left, and the top of the checked out source tree on the right.

One thing to be careful is to always specify a destination directory for your artifacts in the source tree, especially if you use "clean target directories" - otherwise TeamCity will happily clean your checkout dir for you.


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