TeamCity does not recognize Test Result.

I have imported NUnit Test results using the NUnit Report Watch successfully. The following are the log files. However, the TeamCity Project doesn't see the NUnit Test results like no tests have been run. I did verify that the NUnit report has tests in it and they are valid.

[08:49:30]: NUnit report watcher
[08:49:30]: [NUnit report watcher] 2 reports found for paths:
[08:49:30]: [NUnit report watcher] D:\NUnitLog\*.xml
[08:49:30]: [NUnit report watcher] Successfully parsed
[08:49:30]: [Successfully parsed] 2 reports
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I have the same issue.  Below is a snippet from my BuildLog:

[16:43:25][Microsoft.StyleCop.StyleCopTask] ..\Implementation\\irobyx.SimpleDb\SimpleDbMapper.cs(48, 1): SA1101: The call to _simpleDbConverter must begin with the 'this.' prefix to indicate that the item is a member of the class.

[16:43:25][Microsoft.StyleCop.StyleCopTask] 267 violations encountered.

[16:43:25][StyleCop] ##teamcity[importData type='nunit' path='\build\TeamCityBuildReports\StyleCop-report.xml']

[16:43:25]Importing data from '\build\TeamCityBuildReports\StyleCop-report.xml' with 'nunit' processor

[16:43:25]NUnit report watcher

[16:43:25][NUnit report watcher] Watching paths:

[16:43:25][NUnit report watcher] E:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\cb2b1d02797291f4\build\TeamCityBuildReports\StyleCop-report.xml

[16:43:25]Process exited with code 0

[16:43:26]NUnit report watcher

[16:43:26][NUnit report watcher] 1 report found for paths:

[16:43:26][NUnit report watcher] E:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\cb2b1d02797291f4\build\TeamCityBuildReports\StyleCop-report.xml

[16:43:26][NUnit report watcher] Successfully parsed

[16:43:26][Successfully parsed] 1 report

[16:43:26][Successfully parsed] build\TeamCityBuildReports\StyleCop-report.xml

[16:43:26]Waiting for 2 service processes to complete

I'm running TeamCity Professional 7.1.1 (build 24074)

I love to findout why the Results are not working.  Please let us know.


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