What should be set for serverUrl when both server and agents are running in EC2?

On the TC "Setting Up TeamCity for Amazon EC2" page, it says:

  • If TeamCity server is not located within the same EC2 region or availability zone that is configured in TeamCity EC2 settings for agents, traffic between the server and agent is subject to usual Amazon EC2 external traffic charges.

And in addition, even if they're in the same zone, if they use external IPs to communicate we get charged for external traffic.

For this reason, I'd like my TC Server and Agents to be communicating using their EC2 internal IPs.  So my question is, what should I use as the server URL?  Some bits of documentation indicate that you would want it to be the external IP (for notifications that go to users, for example).

Do I leave it blank?  Put in the external IP and trust TC to actually use the internal IP (as seems to be indicated in this ticket)?  Put in the internal IP and not use notifications?

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