How can I run a build from Team city that uses code from a different pinned build?

I have 3 different TeamCity build configurations.

  1. Continuous Integration
  2. QA
  3. Training
  4. Production ( Doesn't exist yet )

When my QA build runs, its versions my assemblies with the x.x.{build}.{revision} numbers from Subversion. What I would like to do is to be able to pin a build that QA deems to be acceptable, and to have the Training, and Production builds effectively pull the most recent pinned build revision, rebuild, unit test, and deploy using the same build numbers as the QA build.

The unit test and deployment are really outside of the scope here, and I have them handled, its the version numbers that have me stuck right now. I don't know a ton about what TeamCity does when a build is pinned either, do I even need to worry about pulling a revision or is it kept on hand by TC?

Is this something that TeamCity can do? Is there documentation somewhere that I didn't see?

I am by no means a deployment engineer, but for now, I have been elected, so I need to make the concept happen, even if I am off target with the specifics.

Some enviroment specifics: I am using TeamCity 7.1.1 and VS2012 .NET 4.5


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