TeamCity Upgrade Issues

My development team has been using TeamCity with C# since March and recently started noticing major TeamCity slowness. We started reading up on how to fix this and realized we needed to move to an external database. However, in order to do this, we had to upgrade TeamCity from version 7.0 to 7.1.

When we finally completed both steps, we noticed some major differences with TeamCity. Tests that were passing on our development boxes and manually on the TeamCity boxes were failing when run through TeamCity. Looking into these tests, whenever ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get() was called, it returns null. This seems to only happen in a separate project from the main website. Also, we found some major duplication when tests were being run. Originally, we had about 5200 unit tests running upon check in, but now we are seeing 6000+ tests being run. These tests are mixed between NUnit and MSTest.

In short, my two questions are:

Is there a problem with how TeamCity builds that the web.config cannot be read through a separate project?

How do I track why these tests are being duplicated?

At this time, we are uncertain these problems came from the upgrade or the transfer to an external database.

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We figured this out. During the downtime of TeamCity, a member of our team added a reference to another test project within a test project. Our "List Assembly Files" value was "**\bin\debug\*Test*.dll" causing any dlls with tests to be run. This makes sense as to why there were duplicate tests and ConfigurationManager values were null.

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Don't ever add a reference to a test dll if using a general list of assembly files.


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