VCS trigger rules behavior change in TeamCity 7.1.2?


I have not changed any build configs since upgrading to TeamCity 7.1.2. However, my build configs now seem to ignore this rule:

"When entering rules please note that as soon as you enter any "+" rule, TeamCity will remove the default "include all" setting. To include all the files, use "+:." rule."

In other words, + or - trigger rules seem to be ignored and any change to the VCS triggers a build.
I have tried adding "-:." before other + or - rules in a single build config to see if that changes the behavior.
If that works I will post a comment.

Question: Has the intended behavior of VCS trigger rules changed recently?


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This seems to be confirmed. i.e. Unless I add "-:." as the first trigger rule, the rest of the trigger rules are ignored."



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