NCover 3 for 32 bit applications on a 64 bit OS

I'm in trouble using NCover on a BuildAgent running Windows 2008 RC2.

Installing NCover x86 does not work at all. According to NCover support, you should install NCover x64 on any x64 operating system. There is an x86 version coming with this installation as well. So there's a NCover folder in both program folders.

Unfortunately, the x86 folder only contains NCover.Console.exe but no NCover.Reporting.exe. So my build process reports not finding "Program Files (x86)\NCover\NCover.Reporting.exe" (which actually is non-existant). It doesn't matter if I set the path to "%system.ncover.v3.x64.path%" or to "%system.ncover.v3.x86.path%". Obviously, this only affects the location NCover.Console.exe is searched for. But for some reason, it doesn't change the path where NCover.Reporting.exe is searched.

Where does TeamCity obtain the path to NCover.Reporting.exe from? How can I have this running in a 64 bit environment?

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Let me bump this up.

Any confirmation? Any comments? Any ideas?

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Okay, workaround (or even more than that):

Simply use the type of OS you need for the given environment. No need to use a 64 bit OS to build 32 bit software. And at the time being, I could even say: "No way to use a 64 bit OS...".

Today, I switched to a 32 bit Windows for the build agent, and apart from TW-20635, everything works fine now.

[I love talking to myself in forums...]


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