....Is it so hard to give you feedback?

Is intended since you dont need it, since it was a director which decided you need the button in the frontpage of the Teamcity build page, and in the help menu in the plugin for VS?

1. The menu item from the Help menu in Vs plugin didnt do a shit when I clicked it. Not even an error message.
2. The url on the frontpage of the buildpage opened this page http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/TW/Feedback .

I think that neither the non responsive menu item in the VS plugin and the text jungle on the Feedback will give you more or better feedback.

I was really in the mood to come with a suggestion that in my eyes would have increased the quality and user experience of the TeamCity plugin, but not any more.

Frustrated regards

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Hi Stian,

Sorry for the trouble. The issue you were referring to is now fixed in the current version. In terms of the feedback link, we'll discuss with the team on how to try and simplify the process, but ultimately it's about trying to serve customers in the fastest possible way by first finding the correct channel.


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Hi Hadi.

Very nice. Very nice.


Thank you


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