Help with setting up teamcity agent for automated perf testing


We are currently working on a new release of a web application and are running performance tests on daily nightly builds manually. We decided to use teamcity and perform the performance tests automatically. Please see our requirements below.

  1. Copy the nightly build from the ftp site and Install the application on the first server db configured on another server
  2. Install application on second server for load balancing
  3. Install the background server on the fourth server
  4. Trigger the Peformance scripts from the fifth server
  5. Revert the DB to the orginal state
  6. Trigger the Performance scripts again from the fifth server

This is how we have configured our first 5 steps.

1. Our nightly builds are configured using teamcity itself. I setup a build dependency on the first application server. As soon as a nightly build is successful, our application installation gets started. Once the installation is complete, the ant scripts also takes backup of the DB dump on the Oracle server.
2. Once the installation of the application is complete on the first server, the process starts on the second server. This run does not do anything with the DB, except for pointing to the DB that is already installed.
3. The Installation of background service on the fourth server starts once the application installation is completed on previous step
4. The performance scripts has a dependency on the installation of the background service and the performance tests starts as soon as the background service is installed

I am not quite sure how to setup the step 5 since we will need to use the same DB dump we have taken during step 1. Could someone please suggest how do I go about accomplishing this?

Hope I was able to explain the situation, let me know if you need any more info and I will be happy to share it.


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