Feature Request (to pass VCS commit into to TeamCity to use TC e-mail notifications)

My software engineering group uses TeamCity extensively in our product
development. We also have a unique version control system implemented (by
necessity).  This results in our having a unique feature request the TeamCity
development team at JetBrains.

More detail about our system:
Many elements of our project are in a Perforce Version Control System, with
the remainder in a Git Version Control System.  Our configurations and tem-
plates in TeamCity do not have any version control system information defined
in them.  The server we use to kick-off all of our TeamCity compilations proc-
esses all interactions with, and coordination between, our two version control
systems. This 'push' server has access to and can send all check-in information
from the Perforce and Git servers.

For example,
When we checkout Git SHA 57e048408565d88a6d2aa59945291ebafbc0566d, we use a Git
note which contains data we have saved to derive which Perforce changelist in-
formation is needed.
In this case, we find we need to Perforce changelist 650529.

We also get into more complex scenarios where we sync various directories in
Perforce at differing changelist numbers.

•    //game/folderA/…@650000
•    //game/folderB/…@700000

The important point is, we can assembled all the required version control
history we need and send it to TeamCity.

Our feature request:
We would like a way to communicate all of our version control history, from
both VCS, to TeamCity and then use the existing TeamCity e-mail messaging
functionality to message those contributors who must be notified about issues
based on this transmitted version control check-in information.

Thank you in advance.

Michael Birdsong

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