Using teamcity.auth.userId/teamcity.auth.password from build to access agent properties.

Hi, I am using TeamCity 7.0.2 (build 21349) and have following question/issue.
We are using set of scripts to power our CI.
One of the script is connected to script updater build, which updates all the scripts under all agents, matching several conditions.
We are using NT Domain authentification as an authentification scheme.
Paths and conditions for update are retrieved using restAPI - and here I've got my problem: guestAuth is failing unexpectedly, when trying to get agent properties, while httpAuth is working correctly. But, as it comes from our auth scheme, I could not create some separate user, which will have access to this values and need to pass some actually existing domain login and password, which is not completely secure.
When checking, I found that from inside build, there is possible to use teamcity.auth.userId/teamcity.auth.password to autorize, but, when i try to pass those 2 variables to my powershell script - they appear as empty values in          Build Parameters, thus not allowing my updater build to be started.
Here comes a question - is it possible to use such variables in build or i should call them somehow else?
Or is it possible to create invisible user in our auth scheme, which purpose would be just to access these information in REST?

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