Generate Java code from WADL


I'm trying to generate a Java client from wadl to talk to TeamCity.
I've tried to do it with Idea: Tools -> WebServices -> RESTful Web Services ->Generate Java From WADL
I'm getting this error:

Info: Processing: file:/C:/wadl/application1.wadl
Info: Processing: file:/C:/wadl/application.wadl/xsd1.xsd
Info: Processing: file:/C:/wadl/application.wadl/xsd0.xsd
Warning: Warning:e-props-correct.2: Invalid value constraint value '' in element 'comment'.
Warning: Warning:s4s-att-not-allowed: Attribute 'default' cannot appear in element 'element'.
Error: Error: Property "Template" is already defined. Use <jaxb:property> to resolve this conflict., line 495, col 71, file file:/C:/wadl/application.wadl/xsd1.xsd
Error: Error: The following location is relevant to the above error, line 510, col 54, file file:/C:/wadl/application.wadl/xsd1.xsd

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

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I got the same problem running TeamCity Professional 7.1.2 (build 24170).

Using apache cxf 2.7.1 and executing:

wadl2java http://localhost:8080/guestAuth/app/rest/application.wadl

Yields this output:

WADLToJava Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error compiling schema from WADL :

Property "Template" is already defined. Use <jaxb:property> to resolve this conflict.

If I download the one from I get the more verbose error you have with line numbers, but its the same error and neither tool manage to produce anything.

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Thanks for feedback.
I've created issue TW-24934 in our bug tracker, please watch it.


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