TeamCity bundle with Tomcat without Linux scripts

I'm striving to find linux scripts in the TeamCity installation bundle following instructions in

On the TeamCity download page (, on the "Linux" tab, I've downloaded the bundle TeamCity-7.1.3.tar.gz that contains both TeamCity 7.1.3 and Tomcat.

However, in the <bundle-home>/bin directory,there are no linux scripts (*.sh), all scripts end with .bat and contain windows-specific syntax (%VAR% rather than $VAR etc.).

I've checked previous versions of TeamCity too (5.*, 6.*, 7.1.1, 7.1.2) and failed to find linux scripts there too.

Most likely, I'm using a wrong bundle; but the "Linux" tab on the download page is selected. I've been using FF17.0.1 / Chrome 23 and Ubuntu 12.04.

Thank you.

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BTW: build agents downloaded via Java Web Start do contain linux scripts in their bin/ directory


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