installation issues on WinServer2008

I am having issues with accessing the login page after re-installing TeamCity.

I orginally had TeamCity installed, but after I added the server role for .Net 3.5, everything stopped working.  I uninstalled TeamCity and reinstalled it.  I set it up to use port 8111 instead of the default because that is being used by another app.  I've opened up port 9090 for java.exe on outbound rules on the firewall.  I also tried adding an inbound rule for port 8111, but that doesn't seem to get the login page to show up.

I'm using http://localhost:8111/ to try to get to the login page.  Internet explorer displays an error "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

Can anyone tell me the correct URL for the login page?  Also, is there something else I need to do in the firewall settings?  Any other ideas why I can't even get to the login page now?

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Looks like when we installed .net 3.5, IIS was also installed.  We uninstalled IIS and magically TeamCity works again, but on port 8080.  I'm still confused as to why it didn't take my port 8111 change.  At least we're up and running again.


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