REST access to content on Build Runner Information tab for completed build?

Hi all,

Running TC 6.0.x and 7.1.1, looking for feedback on whether following is available via REST.

Via TC web interface, the summary(?) page for viewing the completed build starts on the Overview tab, e.g.

We use Maven as the BuildRunner - one of the tabs on that page (Overview, Changes, Bld Log, Bld Params, Artifacts, ...) is the build runner summary info, e.g. Maven Build Info.

Information summarized there is good, looking to see if that was available directly via REST but have not found it via docs, basic testing.  Looked through the application.wadl but I don't see anything obvious there, either.

Help, feedback direction setting welcomed - thanks in advance.
Mike Frohme

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Should have dug just that last little bit farther before posting.

Found (by looking on the server repo) that the maven build output is stored in the artifacts directory under the build in .teamcity/maven-build-info.gz, so is accessible via a download URL like:

wget --user the_user --password the_pass http://teamcity:8111/httpAuth/repository/download/


as simple as I expected - just took a little while.


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