Big red "Please enable Javascript" error message when tryign to login - Javascript is enabled


Hopefully this is the correct place to post this issue.

We are recieving this error message  "Please enable JavaScript in your browser to proceed with login."  when we try to access our teamcity application through a web browser.

I have checked and both IE8 and Firefox 5.0.1 that we use on our desktops have javascript enabled.

Interestingly if I log on to the server where teamcity is installed we can load it up in a web browser.

Can anyone confirm why this message could occur? I have seen that there are a couple of javascript errors as attached. When I try logging in despite the javascript message I get the attached xml

I am not really sure on how to further analyse or troubleshoot these, so any advice would be great - its starting to affect our builds and deployments. We have TeamCity version 5.1.2


team city js errors.png

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