Disabling maven-watcher-agent detection of build failure

Hi guys,

I have a strange problem that I'm not sure how to deal with.

For my project I have a maven runner that calls a set of maven tasks using a third party tool. This tool happens to among other things wrap maven and run using it's own internal POM file (horrible I know).

The wrapped maven instance is failing with a return code of -1 correctly for one of the operations I am trying to perform.

It appears that the maven-watcher-agent is recongnising the "Process exited with code 1" and is interpreting this as a build failure, even though the mojo that the runner is directly executing will expect this value and will dispatch another command in response.

The detection of the build failure is causing my downstream build steps to fail as they are expecting the first step to have passed.

I have tried wrapping the calls to the third party product with ##teamcity[disableServiceMessages] and ##teamcity[enableServiceMessages] however these seem to have done nothing.

Is there a way that I can make the watcher ignore the console output for the secondary maven instance, and only fail when the directly executed instance fails?



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Hello Aidan,

Issue seems to be a bit tricky. More information is required. Could you please enable agent debug logging (instructions here), reproduce the problem and attach build log and relevant part of teamcity-agent.log to this tread?

In case it contains sensitive information, please send it to teamcity-feedback @ jetbrains.com (mention this thread in message subject)


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