Default VCS root username cannot be read from LDAP


I have TeamCity configured to use Windows AD users  authentication. In order for name and e-mail address to be automatically  obtained from AD, I've set auth-type to use the  <login-module   />
I  then configured file according to instructions  and authentication works correctly together with full name and e-mail  synchronization from AD. The thing is not working is the automatic  setting of default VCS username for each user. We use SVN together with  Teamcity and VCS names are used for users to communicate with SVN. Now  it is always the username, but I want it to be
I've set:\:vcs\:anyVcs\:anyVcsRoot=userPrincipleName\:vcs\:svn\:anyVcsRoot=userPrincipleName

userPrincipleName  is an LDAP feature in Windows AD that holds the username@domain format.  I've tried setting different LDAP attributes, but no changes are made.  What am I doing wrong?
Could you please help me with this problem?

Thank you,

Rokas Zakarevicius

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Hello, Rokas.

a little incorrect name of this property.
It should be referenced as "userPrincipalName":\:vcs\:svn\:anyVcsRoot=userPrincipalName.

Should work.

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Hi Inna.
My mistake. Thank you very much for a quick answer. It works! :)




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