Visual Studio Extensions Private Gallery

Is there a plugin or way to have TeamCity "host" VS Extensions Private Gallery as dicussed at

We use TeamCity to host our NuGet pacakges and our looking to create some custom VS Extenstions for project templates and such when we realized that VS supports private galleries.

All I need to do is have an Atom Feed and a folder full of VSIX files.

If there is not a plugin (some searching did not turn up anything, unless I missed it) can I "tweak" with Tomcat a bit to expose an atom feed?


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There is no such a plugin available. Seems you also couldn't re-configure Tomcat to do it.
Possible oppotunities I've founded:
- You could make your own simple servlet to publish your static feed and deploy it to your Tomcat instance
- You could make simple TeamCity server plugin to handle it.


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