change list is not deleted after pre-tested commit

Env: intellij 11.1.4, TC 7.1, perforce VCS

I usually create a changelist to group all my changes for a JIRA. I associate change list with p4 job which links change list with JIRA. When I submit to p4 directly, the change list is closed/deleted once success.

But when I use remote run to submit the changelist. First intellij create a new pre-tested changelist and move all files into that changelist. Then after submit. the pre-tested changelist is closed while keeping my original change list hanging.

Things get more complicated when p4 job is associated and I have to explicitly close p4 job in order to delete the original changelist.

Is this normal or a bug? If Intellij assume your orignal changelist is the changelist "default" , then it should be a bug as I might have multiple changes going on at the same time.



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