Pitch for a more fine grained control of branched dependency resolution.

Please vote for http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-25586

Currently, you only have a two level resolution strategy: either you use a build from the same branch, or you fall back on a build from the default branch. While this is certainly adequate and of course a huge improvement over the pre-7.1 days, it's still falling short.

Specifically, two use cases are still hard to do and require that you revert to the bad old days of having to clone complete projects:

  • The branches between indendently managed projects don't map, and you need to use newer code than in "their" default branch
  • You yourself have multiple incompatible versions being developed, and you cannot ask developers to branch every repo in the system. Essentially, you'd like 2.x components to resolve into 2.x dependencies and 1.x components into 1.x dependencies.

Essentially what I need is a map of branch patterns to a search list of branch patterns. Something like this:

server_1.* => server_1,1, server_1.0
server_2.* => server_2.0
client_* => client_*

For bonus points, implement ivy like mapping rules.

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