Service Messages: Possibility to organize messages from parallel tasks into blocks


I couldn't find a way how to organize messages from parallel processes/threads into blocks. We have different kinds of builds that do things in parallel. I tried to use the flowId with but it doesn't work.

Example that simulates this:

echo "##teamcity[blockOpened name='Preparation step A' flowId='a']" echo "##teamcity[blockOpened name='Preparation step B' flowId='b']"
echo "It is prepared..." echo "##teamcity[message text='Message for A 1' flowId='a']" echo "##teamcity[message text='Message for B 1' flowId='b']" echo "##teamcity[message text='Message for A 2' flowId='a']" echo "##teamcity[message text='Message for B 2' flowId='b']" echo "##teamcity[blockClosed name='Preparation step B']" echo "##teamcity[blockClosed name='Preparation step A']"

There are actually 2 problems:

  1. Second blockOpened is opened inside the first one as an inner block.
  2. The tree view is confused by this and displays the output in a strange way (see screenshot current.png)

My question is: Can we somehow accomplish this with the existing functionality (screenshot desired.png)? I couldn't find any issue that would ask for something like this.



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