Line endings and personal builds


Recently I've noticed that when I do a personal build, perforce line ending conversion doesn't happen for the sources that are part of the personal build patch. Normally, this doesn't matter, because most of our source files (C++) will still compile just fine with different line endings, they would just "look ugly" if you opened them. Of course, if the personal build succeeds, they are submitted through perforce, and they get the EOL conversion done when the agent syncs them. However, we have a build system which stores the files to be compiled per platform in plain text files (which is read by Makefiles). So, if I modify one of these files and do a personal build, the build will fail on agents that don't have the same line endings as my system, because they don't get converted as they were being sync'd from perforce (generally I work in windows, so *nix/Mac will fail). Is this a known issue and/or is it configurable somehow?

Here's my VS plugin info:

JetBrains TeamCity Addin 7.1 EAP
Version: 7.1 (build 23907)
Visual Studio 9.0.30729.1.


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