TeamCity migration not showing artifacts

So I've migrated my TeamCity server. I've moved the data directory, including all of the artifacts. However, when I open up TeamCity, it shows all past builds, but does not show the artifacts for each of the builds. New builds complete, and place new artifacts alongside the copied artifacts - these show up on the page.

Any ideas why these aren't showing up? Is there another configuration file that contains explicit references to artifact paths for each build?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Gareth

Artifacts are stored inside <teamcity>/system/artifacts directory. Were these files moved?
Did you copy the data directory, or restored it from backup? Backups have an option to skip artifacts.
Did you performed server clean-up later? It may also delete old artifacts.

What's exactly displayed in UI? Here are two examples:
In the first case artifacts are cleaned from database completely. The second case may happen when files are not accessible, but references are still in the DB . What do you see?

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And here you can find more detailed instruction to move the server:

Move TeamCity Installation to a New Machine

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Hi Michael

Sorry for the delayed response.

I had moved all of the files, as per the instructions you referenced. When the server starts, it shows "No Artifacts" for all of the projects.
I performed a clean migration of the server and its files again and had the same problem.

However, there was one part I neglected to mentioned. The key difference between the two installations is that the artifacts folder on the server is actually a symbolic directory link to a network drive. That is, the artifacts folder is stored on the network drive, and there is simply a link to it in the data directory.

I'm not sure why this doesn't work (since navigating Windows explorer to "C:\TeamCity\.BuildServer\system\artifacts" still navigates to the correct place, and shows in windows explorer as a windows directory), but this does seem to be the cause of the problem.

So i suppose that unless someone can help me with this admittedly different problem, this question has been answered :)

Thanks again.

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Do you run TeamCity web server as Windows service?
Then this is a root cause of the issue - Windows services cannot access network shares, so you have to store artifacts on a local disk, add one more HDD to the system, or host TeamCity on Linux.


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