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My team recently started using the Dependencies Properties feature from Teamcity where a build named "B" uses properties provided by a build it depends on (named "A"). We see a strange behaviour though, when running B: Teamcity initially showsiB as having no agent to run, and later it is actually able to run it.

Here are the characteristics of the setup: Using Teamcity 7.1.4, build configuration A is created with a maven step. The build id is "bt2". Another build configuration, B, uses A as snapshot dependency and wants to use the "maven.project.version" property from A. As such we configure B with a very simple step in which we reference the parameter with: dep.bt2.maven.project.version.

When running build B we see the following:
  - A and B builds are added to the queue. But B shows as having no agent to run on. In B's build parameters tab we can also see Teamcity showing  dep.bt2.maven.project.version as missing.
  - Build A succeeds and then build B is built too and successfully finds the right version of dep.bt2.maven.project.version

This is why I would like to know:
- Is this an expected behaviour? I find it a problem, since it is confusing to figure out if the build will actually find an agent to run on not
- Are there any better ways to pass in the dependencies properties to another build configuration?

Thank you!

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Seems like you need Artifact dependency of B on A and not snapshot. Then when you run B, A already exists and the parameter is there

Ziv Shapira


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