Cannot get git labels to work

I can create a label manually via the changes tab. But when I configured the vcs settings to label, it never creates the label. I have notification for all failed builds setup and never get one. (Also the build shows as successful in the UI.)

TC is deployed as a war in tomcat. In /opt/log/tomcat7 the only teamcity related log file seems to be teamcity-javaLogging-*.log. But that only has a few lines in it. There is some logging in catalina.out but nothing that seems to be related to logging.

Any ideas what I can try to get this working.

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Ok, seems the docs indicate that only the default branch will ever be auto labeled. And our tests show this to be true. But why that restriction?

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The docs to which Barry is referring can be found here.
Additionally, there is a YouTrack item tracking this feature request.

Just in case anyone wants to know, because I was looking for this information for a while.


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