Unable to write data to the transport connection

we have a TC CI build that creates a nuget package as an artifact, then we created another TC build which takes the latest artifact from that CI build and pushes it up to a local nuget repository. We made copies of these two builds for a completely different project. The CI build for the 2nd project is working fine and creating the appropriate nuget package, but when we run the build to push that artifact to nuget, we get this error below. any ideas on what to look for to fix this. it is weird that it works fine under the context of other projects, but this new one we just created by copying the original build doesnt work.

[12:41:19]Skip checking for changes - there are no VCS roots defined

[12:41:20]Publishing internal artifacts (3s)

[12:41:23][Publishing internal artifacts] Sending build.start.properties.gz file

[12:41:20]Clearing temporary directory: D:\BuildAgent\temp\buildTmp

[12:41:20]Checkout directory: D:\BuildAgent\work\e1a63995c5164f2d

[12:41:20]Resolving artifact dependencies

[12:41:20][Resolving artifact dependencies] Destination directory cleaned: D:\BuildAgent\work\e1a63995c5164f2d

[12:41:20][Resolving artifact dependencies] 1 files retrieved from <AgencyFuel :: Branch 1.2.7 - CI, build # [id 34569]> for pattern [*.nupkg]

[12:41:20]push: Publish package Zywave.AgencyFuel.Website. (4s)

[12:41:20][push] NuGet command: D:\BuildAgent\tools\NuGet.CommandLine.2.1.0.nupkg\tools\NuGet.exe push D:\BuildAgent\work\e1a63995c5164f2d\Zywave.AgencyFuel.Website. %%teamcity_nuget_api_key_1363282880328%% -Source http://packages.zywave.com/Release/api/v2/package

[12:41:20][push] Starting: D:\BuildAgent\temp\agentTmp\custom_script8007430819743844122.cmd

[12:41:20][push] in directory: D:\BuildAgent\work\e1a63995c5164f2d

[12:41:22][push] Pushing Zywave.AgencyFuel.Website to 'http://packages.zywave.com/Release/api/v2/package'...

[12:41:25][push] Unable to write data to the transport connection: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

[12:41:25][push] Process exited with code 1

[12:41:25]Publishing internal artifacts

[12:41:25][Publishing internal artifacts] Sending build.finish.properties.gz file

[12:41:25]Build finished

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Figured this out. This is a very cryptic message, but basically what happened was that our nuget package was larger than the default size that IIS allows for uploading. We just changed that setting the nuget IIS website and now this works


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