Data Directory location in 7.0.4 and upgrading to 7.1


I am running TeamCity on a windows 2008 R2 server.  TeamCity's Build Agent Service as well as Web Server are installed as a service running under LocalSystem.  I use the internal storage engine to store the data.

I am trying to upgrade my TeamCity installation to 7.1.  After the upgrade TeamCity starts without the data and I am unable to point it to the Data Directory.  Since TeamCity is running on a VM, I was able to revert to an earlier snapshot.
Looking under Global Settings for the location of the Data Directory it is given as C:\Windows\system32\TeamCity\.BuildServer.  This folder, however doesn't exist.
Starting the tomcat Server Properties window, I looked for Java option\.BuildServer (Hint from here) option has the value C:TeamCity\.BuildServer which also doesn't exist.

So my question is: how do I go about upgrading to 7.1 while maintainig the data?

thank you very much for your help on this!

Best regards

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THe actual location of the data directory is logged into the teamcity-server.log and displayed in the server admin UI. If should be on disk if you see it's name there, please check that you access the file system under the same architecture as TeamCity process, this might be Windows 32/64 bit process file system tricks.

There were some changes in the data directory default location and changing, please refer to the upgrade notes and the doc. However, just runing the installer should preserve the location, provided you did not change jvm used to run the server.


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