REST Status Icon authentication

Hi JetBrains, experts,

We are hapily using REST API of Team City, version TeamCity Enterprise 7.1.2 (build 24170),
but we have problem with the statusIcon provided by the REST API.

On our external web dashboard, there are TC status icons embedded as:

<a href="http://teamCity/viewLog.html?buildId=4439">
<img src="http://teamCity/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/id:4439/statusIcon?guest=1">

The problem is that even when users are only viewing our external web dashboard with the TC icons,
sometimes a login pop up window appears, requesting to log into TC.

Do you have any experience, ideas about it please?

Thank you.

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Do you use NTLM authentication with forcing protocols? Can you investigate and detail the requests coming form the browse to the server to identify those resulting in the login popup? Are you sure this is caused by the status icon request and not other content?


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