Distributing an iphone IPA from build results page?

Has anyone figured a way provide a link from the results of a build for iphone users to install an ad hoc distribution?

Use Case: team of developers working on an iphone app, auto-building app with TeamCity.  Developers would like a link they can navigate to on their iphone to download and install the latest build.

We were thinking of using a report tab for this, but the structure of the link required is unusual: apple requires a web page containing a link with a url scheme of 'itms-services://" pointing to a .plist, in which is another link pointing to the .ipa file.  Assuming the urls need to be absolute, is there a reliable way to generate these links in a build?  The links are pointing to other artifacts of that same build, which won't have absolute URLs until after the build finishes and the artifacts are uploaded to the server.

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