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I have a Visual Studio solution I'm trying to build. One of the projects in the solution is for resource files for language translations. All projects are set to the 3.5 framework. The build is completing sucessully with TeamCity using msbuild/tools version 3.5. The issue is that the main project dll is compiled to version 2.0.50727 as expected, however, the language-specific dlls generated by that same project are being compiled against the 4.0 runtime. All other projects have the 2.0 runtime as well.

This is a problem since this is a SharePoint application and I'm constrained to the 2.0 runtime. Has anyone else come across this? I'm stumped on why TeamCity is creating the dlls with two different versions. Doing the build within Visual Studio creates dlls pointed to the correct runtime.


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TeamCity simple calls MSBuild for you to run the build. Could you please check this build re-builds in the right way on agent machine.
There is an option in TeamCity UI for MSBuild version or VS version. Please check you specified the right values there.

Does your VS MSBuild projects includes some SharePoint specific files? If so, please check you configured those MSBuild extensions rightly.


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