Cannot see git plugin in TeamCity 7.0

I have installed TeamCity 7.1.4 Professional (the server) on a linux box running CentOS, and an additional Agent on a Windows 2008 box.  
Both server and agent seem to be running fine.  But i am having trouble configuring a git VCS.

I have read several articles on how to configure TeamCity to work with git.  But i am still confused.

According to some sources, the Jetbrains Git plugin is supposed to be included (packaged) with TC versions 5.0 and above.  
And according to the TC documentation (http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD7/Git+%28JetBrains%29), you are supposed to see "Git (JetBrains)" in the VCS dropdown, to indicate that the plugin is present.  However I am not seeing that.  I see a plain "Git" in the dropdown, but not a "Git (Jetbrains)".   Am i missing a configuration step?

Please help!



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