Cannot see git plugin in TeamCity 7.0

I have installed TeamCity 7.1.4 Professional (the server) on a linux box running CentOS, and an additional Agent on a Windows 2008 box.  
Both server and agent seem to be running fine.  But i am having trouble configuring a git VCS.

I have read several articles on how to configure TeamCity to work with git.  But i am still confused.

According to some sources, the Jetbrains Git plugin is supposed to be included (packaged) with TC versions 5.0 and above.  
And according to the TC documentation (, you are supposed to see "Git (JetBrains)" in the VCS dropdown, to indicate that the plugin is present.  However I am not seeing that.  I see a plain "Git" in the dropdown, but not a "Git (Jetbrains)".   Am i missing a configuration step?

Please help!


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