Can you clarify notification rule ordering for groups?

Hi All,

I am trying to set up some better rules for managing group level notifications for our projects.  The goal is to reduce the need for users to have to fiddle with notifications unless they want something out of the ordinary.

Groups can be top-level or sub-group, and a user can be attached to several groups.  Within a single group hierarchy what is the order of traversal for finding a notification rule? I can't find any documents that discuss this directly, but some docs seems to imply (top down):


When I view some users' Notification Rules pages in the GUI the group level notification rules do not always appear in the above order so I am not clear if this sub-to-super traversal ordering is actually enforced.

Also, can you also clarify the order that group notification rules are applied when a user is a member of more than one top-level group?


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Hi Jay

The order you're describing is correct.

All the related rules should be displayed on end user's profile page. Please re-check that you look at the same type of notifications (IDE/email/etc) at group's and user's settings.

Could you show an example of such problem rule - a set of screenshots for group settings and user profile pages?



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