Upgraded to latest version (7.1) but no dependency graphs?

We finally managed to upgrade out of 6.5 up to the latest 7.1 version. A big change we were excited to get was the dependency graph documented here: http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TW/Faradi+7.0+EAP+%28build+21075%29+Release+Notes#Faradi7.0EAP%28build21075%29ReleaseNotes-Dependencies

Unfortunately, our previously-existing build configurations do not seem to actually have this tab to show dependencies. Doing a custom build at least brings up the tab, but I'm wondering why it is we may not have the graph available to us. Is there some setting in Administration that I'm missing? Or is this only supported for newly-created tasks?

Note that "Dependency" and "build chain" are interchangeable phrases in this context. We do see build chains for newly created tasks but it's rather maddening that older tasks didn't inheret this functionality.

Edit: Are build chains only used for snapshot dependencies? It appears that our liberal use of artifact dependencies may be the reason why I'm not seeing the build chain tab.

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