Printable Documentation TC 7.1

Is there a .pdf format of TC Documentation? I would like to have it printed. Anyone can suggest something?

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Can anyone help with this?

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Hello Nantia

Sorry for late reply.

It's almost 300 pages, but anyway, I've attached the current snapshot here.

TeamCity 7.1 Documentation.pdf
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Gosh this is so helpful! Is it on a continuously updated URL or should we post a new discussion when we wish an update? (I'm assuming if it's not easy you don't already have an update?)
thank you!

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Hi Anne

At the moment that's a manual procedure.

Could you tell me, how is such PDF useful for you? Is it better for search, or do you use it offlime or on a mobile device?


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>how is such PDF useful for you?

thank you for asking! I really hope we can improve the experience for relative newcomers, including me.

A.It's MUCH better for browse.

1.I actually wrote a ticket expressing some of my difficulties on finding info across your sites.
1a.This ticket got no feedback.
TW-21027 Provide more elaboration/clarity on how to find information on the board vs youtrack vs the documentation.

2.Usually google would help for browse, ie to find nearest neighbor words where the word I searched for didn't find what I wanted. I wrote a ticket for another aspect of why that doesn't work for me here.
TW-19813 TeamCity's open API JavaDoc is poorly ranked in Google

3.One base problem is the writing itself, wherein words may not be defined clearly without context, and such context is not available without a much broader scope of information.

B.It's very slightly better for search:
>Is it better for search
1.there's no problem of landing on the wrong version's doc page and having to re-click, nor the problem of when

>do you use it offlime
that's part of it, not needing a connection
>or on a mobile device?

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